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With the evolving air threat and the growing impact of air power on the outcome of conflict, the need for an effective Air Defence capability for air, land and naval operations has become particularly relevant in the current scenario of rapid technological advancements in avionics, stealth technology and precision strike capabilities of multiple aerial threat vehicles. With recent initiatives in procurement, Indian Air Defence Corps is moving from near obsolescence to a crucial force for protecting military bases, frontline airbases, tank regiments, warships and also strategic assets. India is looking at systems that can be deployed in multiple configurations and can be used by the Army, Air Force and Navy - from man-portable that can easily lifted by troops in rugged mountain areas and carried to newer locations to fully automated self propelled systems.

About Company

Indian Military Review is one of the major Indian defense magazines. This magazine which is abbreviated as IMR is published by IDYB Group. Since the year of 1931 IDYB Group has been dedicated to publish military books in India. This company is dedicated to primarily a niche market of minds that are academically and rationally advanced. This is a rare magazine that offers non partisan analyses to middle level officers. Even the young officers can gain lot of information and knowledge from this magazine. The main office of this company is situated in Janpath New Delhi India. Major General RK Arora is Executive Editor of the Indian Military Review. This company hosts numerous events like the UV India. The aim of IMR is to become the most important monthly and yearly defense publication in India.